Banalistiska popfilmer

Work on a new suite, Ich bin ein pilot!, Consisting of the Banalistiska popfilmer began in 1981. fRa was convinced that banalismen was the new direction for fRa film. fRa locked up and got the ball rolling as Ante continue called sovrumsprojekt. Ante and fRa-films third member, Claes Jonsson, remained in the background and watched it all with great scepticism. The film suite was the most complex, which fRa implemented when most films based on a wild experimentation with the double-projection technique, which fRa discovered during work on Vadåfralla. There is some confusion regarding the name of this suite, on some occasion it went by the name “On Presuming To Be Deep, very deep, part two” and on other occasion it was called “Ich bin ein pilot”. The correct name is hidden in lost memories from these days. Today fRa recognize that half would have been enough, but feels that the experiment was a must, in order to reach the gems, that the suite, after all, contained. Two of the films, Whalehunting in Nepal and Lekfullheten, managed to find interest in the Chairman of Modern museum, which, after a private screening in the museum announced to a somewhat confused fRa, that these should be included in the upcoming film festival that was planned, the Nordic film March 26-10april 1983.

Banalism – presentation

Ich bin ein pilot – intro

Nepal / Approaching high object / Whalehunting in Nepal / Lekfullheten

this is an oddity, not sure when or how it is connected to this era, but its interesting as at the end you can hear the members of fRa-ilm talk about the direction for fRa-film, and they are far apart regarding what should be done! 🙂


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