Avantgardistiska jazzfilmer

In early 1980 fRa-film decided to produce Avantgardistiska jazzfilmer. The idea was to make it easier for the audience who started to complain that they do not understand. The question is whether or not the new direction, made it more difficult for the audience. The suite was to include a number of short films and a 45-minute epic that went under the name Anno 19.00.

Shorts was a co-production between Ante and fRa, where stills was projected together with film. Casa in pellicola – studio, was a document on the Park hotel situated next to fRas housing.
Casa in pellicola – live, was the same film performed live before an audience of fRa-film themself. The world’s first live film?
The return of the giant hippopotamus is a Ante production right through. Camera work was managed by fRa, however, according to Antes instructions were followed verbatim by fRa. The film stands out perhaps mainly for its title sequence, which is longer than the movie.

fRa rigging the super-eight camera before the shooting of Pellicola live at Korsängsskolan



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