new album from Conny Olivetti / free download

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Interested in a physical CD for free
just contact us and we send it to you
the only thing you have to do in return, is give us some feedback! 🙂

new video from Conny Olivetti

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two tracks from the new album
Probing The Sonic Heritage

Help me! video for the group wHaTiF?

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release date 9/2 2013

free download


Videos from the album Ley Lines, by Conny Olivetti

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Videos from Ley Lines

download album for free!

release date 120430

MĂ„nga Oscillatorer Saknas

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Fans of Cluster, Harmonia, Roedelius and other electronic stuff from that era, check out this obscure group from the early 80’s

new album by Conny Olivetti / free download

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The Rise And Fall Of Film As Art

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working on a digital version of the famous book! Soon available for download to your digital tablet (iPad or whatever)

stay tuned!

Great new EP from Silencio Stampa.

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Lake contraction

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This video doesn’t exist

and a merry ….

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