the marakas connection

brief history / in the year 2001 fRafilm and Conny Olivetti got in contact with the english musician Marakas. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship over the internet for five to six years, before they actually met in real life, january 2007. During the internet connection they manage to produce an award winning video, ConTrol and set up the guide line for future collaboration in music and vision.

Mark & Jayne visiting 19/2-23/2-09 + some old pictures

some pictures from their first meeting in old England, Cheshire Warrington.

flight to London

together with a pint at the pub

at the Marakas resident / finally

local pub / great fun

Mark and Jayne

photo safari

at the misty pub

and some from our second visit

strange art on the beach

brick wall dudes

and there was lots of rejoice and nice meals prepared by Jayne

relaxing before dinner

Jayne and Mark, host and hostess


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