Snaap Hunter Ensemble

Snaap Hunter Ensemble belong to the unique part of bands that will never repeat or otherwise meet on a regular basis. The idea of SHE has always been to record everything that is produced. Nor does they provide any form of performances, one might say that SHE’s career solely consists of recordings and products that come from there. The advantage for us listeners with this way of functioning, of course, is that the group can never cease to exist. It can only become more or less long pauses between the times they decide to enrich the music scene with their works. The following recordings has happened …

26 May 1980 / LIVE AT ZE STUDIO

21 and 22 June 1980 / ZU HAUSE


24 July 1980 / SKILJEBOTEJPER 

26 February 1981 / SPORTLOVSMUSIK 

28 november 1981 / DEN FEMTE

26 and 27 november 1983 / TALETS GÅVA 

5 January 1985 / SÅNGER FROM KÄPPALA 

29 January 2003 / KAZOO KRISTMAS


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