Perils of lady Jane

Early 1987 fRa-film planned a series of films based on silent film eras cliffhanger series, with Anna in the role of the heroine lady Jane and Claes Jonsson as the mad professor. The idea of Claes fell apart when this man went out on a round the world trip. When it was short of time and fRa wanted to have such a small production team as possible, he decided to play the role himself.

Filming of the first movie in the series, Peril of lady Jane, episode four-On a larger scale, began in 1989 at the end of april and continued until October the same year. Despite the fact that a script was at hand, it was an arduous recording. It was only during the editing, that fRa knew uf the filmed material was suited to the music. This approach contributed to a variety of different scenes. Fragments or parts of scenes perhaps suited to a very different place than it was planned from the beginning. The reason for this approach was the eternal quest for the perfect synthesis between the image and sound that began 15 years ago. The film attracted no major successes in the film festivals, but after having been in SSOV was appointed as the as one of the films that got to represent Sweden in Unica Festival, which that year, 1990, would be held in the V-ås. At the display the film was met with a compact silence. fRa himself felt that the audience was completely puzzled.

But the reward would come from a completely different direction. Some hours after the display of the Swedish contributions fRa were contacted by a representative of the Nordic Channel (current TV5). They wanted to show an excerpt from Perils in its forthcoming report from the festival.

When it then went up for fRa to Peril was the only Swedish contribution fRa was happy enough to continue his work. Peril of lady Jane, episode four – On a larger scale, therefore, became the first satellite fRa movie. In episode six, which came to win best art video at Västerås film festival in 1991, Ante wrote manuscript to the initial nightmare scene,  which came to cause such uproar at SSOvs festival the following year.

One of the members of the jury was horrified over this nightmare scene and the movie’s perception of women in general. fRa who participated in this display were asked to give his view on the whole. This was not easy in view of fRa-films policy. “It is up to everyone to give its interpretation of the movie they see. And no one interpretation is wrong.” This is the very core of fRa film.


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