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oCh vI bLiR tYnGdlÖsA

Posted in collaborations, och vi blir tyngdlösa on October 11, 2008 by frafilm

running time 1 hour and 37 min.


On 29 August 2001, Henrik Möller, made a proposal for a collage movie.
The theme was “what would you do if you knew the world was just minutes from the total obliteration. ”
Those who participated were
Mats Lundell / Video Direct / John Rune Borg / Anneli Engström / Ricky Engström / Shahriyar / fRa-film / Karin Hagen / Rune Brixelius / Hilding / Peter Lundin / Tom Hell / Njuta Films / Mystomtarna / Malgas Kubiak / Henrik Moller / Pontus Lundkvist / Nicole Paglia.
All the contributions were sent to fRa-film for final editing and Conny Olivetti made the music to the whole movie.

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