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old video / new post / sort of /

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This video doesn’t exist

moToRiK for free download

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download moToRiK

opinions about moToRiK

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got some feedback already

Stephen Carlsson / UK
Robust stuff!
The 21st century Ralf Hütter
It’s bloody superb!

Tony Fitzgerald / USA
The recording sounds fantastic- there’s a lot of sonic depth. And the music sounds “tighter” than ever before… as befits the title, I guess. There was one track that I thought was somewhat Cluster-influenced, and that one really stood out to me. It all holds together real well as an album, rather than a batch of individual songs. My favorite is the trio of “Dusseldorf/ Sleeps In/ Forst” but I’m also really digging “Dancing On Ice”. The whole thing is excellent, and the recording itself is beautiful… “loud and clear!

Mark Brougham / UK
Just taken possession of the new Conny Olivetti album…MOTORIK. Excellent, crisp solid production, beefy drum sounds, absolutely no fat, geat sound design I love it!!

Sonic Mystery
Great electronica
Nice soft sounds! Great production!
Thank you for sharing your work with me!

Hallucination Layer
I love the layering of the music. A soundscape reminiscent Of Richard H. Kirk. Other influences that come to mind are Cabaret Voltaire, The Klinik, Kraftwerk and touches of Front Line Assembly. I really love the voice samples. Placement is spot on. Production values here are top notch. This is a simply remarkable album.


moToRiK – release info

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the new album by Conny Olivetti is released this week.
step one – a first set of 10 CD & DVD to assorted friends
step two – download release on Jamendo
motorik2 (kopia)

video shoot for moToR skiLLs

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this is the final video for moToRiK, the new album from ConnyOlivetti

moToRiK – album version

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This video doesn’t exist
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