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re-arrange lady Jane

Posted in lady Jane on October 29, 2008 by frafilm

new project / transfer all the original video tapes from the lady Jane sessions and replace everything. Why? you may ask. Well, for one thing we can make a version thats more clean and without the horrible strobe effect that was used back then. And it could be fun, perhaps we find something that for some reason did not make it to the final cut, something that make it better. Or perhaps we are terrible wrong and will make a mess of everything. 🙂


legacy of lady Jane / new edition

Posted in lady Jane on May 7, 2008 by frafilm

In 2004 legacy of lady Jane was completed after seven years. Now is the time for a revised version, due to Conny Olivettis dissatisfaction with the soundtrack and fRas dissatisfaction with some of the editing. What we can tell most of the music will be new and the editing regards some minor parts here and there. This film was never released official, so maybe this is the time.  

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