Super eight movies
Mattel – 1975
Mystiska anhopningar – 1976
Sequens – 1976
Stads-skräck – 1977
En dag fylld med överraskningar – 1977
Peter Gabriel / Filmen – 1977
Dreamad – 1978
Film du Arth – 1978
Tvättid Nitton noll noll – 1978
Dramyztica – 1979
Nasatureve – 1979
VadåDada filmen 1979
VadåFralla filmen p2 – 1979
Casa in pellicola, film ett, studio 1980
The return of the giant Hippopotamus 1980
Casa in pellicola, film ett – live 1980
Conny Olivetti plays music for coffeeplantage and fRa drinks the same coffee 1980
Anno 19.00 1980
Popropes revenge 1981
Är det sant att lekfullheten hämmas vid utveckling? 1981
Befyranollnoll 1981
Hunden hästen elva 1981
Druug 1981
Arrestering av Mengele 1982
On presuming to be deep, very deep – part two 1982
Avantgardistisk jazzfilm/sista ordet 1982
Störd kärlek 1983
Film Capriccio 1983
Nagowakas hågkomst 1983
Gåtlakol 1982 ( ej färdigställd )
Sinister sisters 1985
Film Capriccio 2 1985
Pantergruppen – ett sätt att arbeta med sexåringar inför skolstarten 1987



The little french maid – videokollektion 1988

Idea to survive
Any day – 06.18
She put on red – 04.16
Wings to fly – 04.55
Chant – 05.18
Energy ? – 00.58
Some indians more more – 01.08
lady Jane, ep. 6 early demo – 00.36
Chant for absent lovers – 04.45
Video en Fra film – 10.30
Gordon from ghost city – weird version

Rub your nose with my eskimo – videokollektion 1991

title intro
Video art – 02.44
Perils of lady Jane, ep. 4 – On a larger scale – 08.58
Frog city – 03.45
Robophobia – 05.35
Fading memories – 03.12
Perils of lady Jane, ep. 5 – Revenge – 04.09
One day in macrocosmos – 01.00
Perils of lady Jane, ep. 6 – A cage for lady Jane – 15.37

Speaking in tongues – videokollektion 1992 – 1994

Came a time – 04.35
Mighty river – 04.30
Directions – 04.06
Showdown time – 09.50
Point of view – 04.05
Såg går igen – 03.30
House – 06.27
Waterfront – 02.35
Nagowaka joik – 02.54
The way I like it – 01.54
New high New lows – 04.44

Ambient maid pussybility – videokollektion 1994

Lots of smoke – 03.30
Moor Dots – 07.55
Level Two – 07.45
Misty Bay – 04.45
Frog City – 03.47
Elskåp och lastpallar – 15.45
Lekfullheten – 07.12

Evil jam – videokollektion 1995

Hardbroken – 03.30
Evil Jam, whatever happened to lady Jane ? – 05.30
Livingstone on high heels – 06.00
H-metal – 02.30
Speechlees – 04.40
New high New lows – 04.44
From the sky – 04.00
Tribal conclusion – 04.30
Junglemusic – 03.30

Siberian Transistor Woman – 1995

part one
part two – guitars and what ?
part three – the Uppsala connection
längd – 18.00
That stuff

Repetitive Damsels on Display – 2002
Enter the room.
Lady In Waiting.
Love Song.
12 inch.
Jig of Sexism.
Mars Needs Women.
Kinky dance.
My baby left me.
Crazy birds.
Analogue mass.

Jag dör – 2003 / short movie made together with Tomas Hellström and Kent Ihrén.

conTrol – 2004 /music video made together with Marakas/Soundcombustion

Legacy of lady Jane – 2004



wHaTiF? – electricity  –  released April 24, 2006
dawn approaches
secret area
promise of love
little sisters
weird neighbour
damage report
what if?
hide and seek
scratch my nieces
the fearless

Conny Olivetti – Fading Memories – released September 21, 2007
Frog City (video)
Gorgeous Gap
Idea To Survive (video)
Level Two
Misty Bay In Nepal
One Ppirf
Sailors Tale
She Put On Red (video)
Siren Strains
Sleep Into The Mountain (video)
Slowly March
Space Tribal

wHaTiF? – Another Scary Thing –  released February 19, 2007
Are you sure?
Another scary thing
Face the facts
Im blind
The stream
Message in tongues
Öne man band
Like a memory
Recycled air
Dear neighbour
Up the river
Something good

Loading Bay (Olivetti/Marakas/Pål) – Sounds of Yore –
released August 8, 2008
Engine Set Up
Factory Worker
Day Shift – Night Shift
Rainy Day
Sounds of Yore
Meta Steam
Stress Machine
Match of The Day

wHatIf? – The Final Meltdown 2009 – released January 17, 2009
Rainy Days
Bo Digh Ding
Real or Fiction
Heart Box
People Talk
Jenny and Her Father
Dream of Peace
Running Over Fields


Conny Olivetti – moToRiK – released November 4, 2009
moToRiK (video)
tiMe (video)
Düsseldorf / sleeps in / Forst (video)
moToR skiLLs (video)
InterGalaCtiC sPaCe (video)
DanCinG oN iCe (video)

Conny Olivetti – Interference – released February 1, 2010
five/Tierra Caliente
four/Steam engine
three/Mobile water
six/Lost foghorn on display (video)
eight/Plankton gone wild (video)
two/Interstellar chuntingyard (video)
five/Tierra Templadaap

Conny Olivetti – Treibhoz – released March 21, 2010
broadcast power
what’s the title?
toys for girls
tamiflu (test) (video)
broken doll
interlude (video)
battle computers (video)
suspended re-activation

Conny Olivetti – Attention Span Zero – released September 30, 2010
Attention Span Zero – part one (video)
Something Else
I want to  (video)
Beacon Of Hope
Lange Gerade
Level Of Attention
Approaching Hilbre Island (video)
Attention Span Zero – part two

Conny Olivetti Stratagems – released April 20, 2011
international incident (video)
sequential illumination
narrow-band imaging
empire beyond the seas
acts in the name of God (video)
a new hope (video)
human nature (video)

Conny OlivettiEdgeland – released 09/12 2011
Insights From The Past
Plantar Flexion (video)
Music Of Stars
Time And Space
The Act Of Passing Over
Involuntary Body Movements (video)
Solitary Resting Place
The Old Chuntingyard
Insights From The Future (suspended re-activation part two)

Conny Olivetti – Ley Lines – released May 18, 2012
Ley Lines (part one, two & three) (video)
Connections (video)
Split The Sentence
Speed Dating In The Amazonas
Native Tundra
Debbie McGee In A Box (video)
Ley Lines (part four, five & six)

Conny Olivetti – Lumino – released July 23, 2012
Cause and effect
The Dark Harbour
Cave of Infinity
Lumino (video)
The Final Frontiers
The Diagnose
H.R 3261
Atchafalaya Swamp
The Revival of Organisms (video)
Walk of Life (video)

Conny Olivetti – Probing The Sonic Heritage – released June 7, 2013
Tara (video)
Probing the sonic heritage
Pop bang splat
Die Hütter des Gesetzes
Ride to freedom
20 den pleasure (video)
De la Salle (video)
Room 13
Do the slingback hobble

Conny Olivetti – eleVen – released October 11, 2014
disc one
Tara King – part one, two, three (video)
Breakable Furniture Dies (video)
Mother Night (video)
Behind The Massive Eight Ball
The Interrogators
Blue Sky (video)
Google Yourself
Noize Centralis (video)
Conclusion – part one, two, Three

disc two
The Descending Of The Nazca Plate
The Tube
Ghost Of Macula (video)
Man vs. Woman (video)
Complete Control
More Ivory
Oriental Device
Outrage At Tranquility Bay (video)

Conny Olivetti – Magnetism / In Search of The Holy Beat – released May 29, 2015
Magnetic Dance (video)
Magnetic Love (video)
Red Passport
Disruption and Repair
Frontiers of Science (video)
The Flow of Electric Current
Nuclear Magnetic Moments
Transmission électrique de la parole

Conny Olivetti – Klangwelt – released January 7, 2016
The Threat Is There To See
International Human Rights
OHRLS “Duga-1”
Klangwelt (video)
Women’s Protection Unit
William’s Place
Alle Menchen

New Pop (another kind of friction) – released september 6, 2016
Another Kind of Friction
Forst revisited
Playback In Der Fabrik
Fragmented Cluster
Common European Rot
New Pop

Musik für Junge Mädchen Mit Kleine Ohren – released november 27, 2016
Collar Bone
Musik für Junge Mädchen Mit Kleine Ohren
Long Distance Calling
Delta Foxtrot
Crack of Dawn (wikiLeaks)
English In The World
Intracluster Gas
New Car Broken Collar Bone
Breath (FUCK SD)
Requiem (aeternam dona eis Domine)

Impulsive Thrust (from a close Radio Frequency) – released october 2017
Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio Frequency
Kulik’s journey
Approaching Vanavara
Incoming Seismogram
Testimony of S. Semenov
Fragments of meteoritic origin
Lake Cheko

Conny Olivetti – Discomfort with Benefits – released february 2018
Inherit The Stars
Cafe´s and Bars (video)
Herz Hus Glas (video)
Interstellar Eclipse (video)
Schwäbischen Strasse
Acoustic Telegraph
Sound of Clogs on Cobbles (video)

Conny Olivetti – Ourang Medan – released may 2018
Ourang Medan
Distortion Over The Northern Hemisphere

Modus Operandi – Permafrost – released may 2018
Nitrogen Cycle
Permafrost Thaw
Dance Of The Tardigrades (video)
Hydraulic Saturation
Geothermal Gradiant
Permafrost Carbon Cycle
Amplified Response of The Arctic

Conny Olivetti – In Trance As Mission – released june 2018
To Live In An Enlightened World
Cloudy Water
The Act of Redaction
Das Paradise
One Nation One People

Conny Olivetti – Zeitgeist – released august 2018
The Kola Borehole
Fluctuation Between Beliefs
The Lady and The Snake
Not Only Death (video)
I Sing of a Maiden
Seagulls (video)
A Place in Time (video)
A Better Tomorrow (video)

Conny Olivetti – Music/Emotions/Harmonic/Frequencies – released march 2019
Automatic (video)
Flying Strange Cargo
Für Mich
Hansa by Night
Die Welt der Träume
Stahlwerk/Non Stop
Arithmetical Operations
Harmonic Frequencies

Rubber Pilots – Gotta Bring ’em to Life (music video) 2019

Olivetti / Söderqvsit – Night Meditations /with Dan Söderqvist – released september 2019

Modus Operandi – Space Explorations – released october 2019
Van Allen Radiation Belt / Space Exploration / Venusian Atmosphere (video)
Geosychronous Orbit
Corona / Solar Flares / Surfing the Solar Winds
Comets Tail to Plutos Head
Valentina (video)
Navigating the Asteroid Belt / Radio Waves

Rubber Pilots – Woolen Ground (music video) 2019

Sputnik over the old hill farm /with Jaak T Arendi – released december 2019

Conny Olivetti – Galciärium – released february 2020
Glaciärium (video)
Extravehicular Activity
With Ample Curves
Orchestrated Objective Reduction
A Vortex of Colored Light
I Loved Alone
Distant Machine
Nostalgic Transmission (video)
Klänge (video)
Immer Geradeaus
Glaciärium part two

Malorth – Fake Twin (music video) 2020
Laura Rickenbacker – Zoom In Out (music video) 2020
Rubber Pilots – I’m Awake (music video) 2020
Rubber Pilots – Pale and Light (music video) 2020

Conny Olivetti – Electric Machine Music – released july 31, 2020
Electric Machine Music (video)
Grenzwellen (video)
Factory Worker (video)
Klick Klack (video)
Nuclear Test Site (video)
Revolution (video)
Der Computer nr3 (video)

Sound Combustion – Riding The Midnight Train (music video) 28/8-2020

Conny Olivetti – Lockdown Paradise – released fall 2020
The Concept Of Light And Heat
Extended Lockdown
Frontline Heroes (video)
It’s Gonna Rain
The Second Wave
Measure of Diversity
The Time for Sensible Measures
The Ability to Experience This Maddening World (video)
The Noble Art of Isolation
Lockdown Paradise (video)
The Meeting Place

Andra Svart – Mycorhizza (music video unofficial) 26/2-2021
Andra Svart – Araneida (music video unofficial) 27/3-2021

Conny Olivetti – Bygone Transmission From The Future – released april 16 – 2021
Zombie Politics
Withing The Hour
Drones over America
A Message In Tongues (video)
Angelic Reinforcement
Bygone Transmission From The Future (video)
Astronaut Soldiers
A Planet Devoid Of Life
Recalculate (video)
Tear Gas and Pepper Spray (video)
The Call Of The Wild (video)
Lust for War – Desire For Profit (video)
Face The Facts
We Live In A Fake World (video)
Lost Transmission
Don’t Let It Happen (video)

Sound Combustion – Eye of The Storm (mastering/producer credits and video for two tracks)

Conny Olivetti – Slottdalsskrevan released february 12 2022
Sputnik over the old hill farm
rhythmosch pit
Camp Century
Forgotten Dreams
Now is the time and this is the day

Conny Olivetti / Linnea – Vox released March 4, 2022
Magnetic Dance
Debbie McGee In A Box
Split The Sentence
Nuclear Magnetic Moments
Level Of Attention
Jenny and Her Father
Man vs. Woman
Tara King
Magnetic Dance

Modus Operandi – Avant Pop released March 4, 2022 
Avant Pop part one
Beauty In The Basement
Spatziergang der Mumie
Aunt Emily’s Battered Ancient Alarm Clock
No Escape (video)
Reuters Submarine
Super Natural Probation
Les Adventure de Michel Valliant (video)
Avant Pop part two (video)


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