moToRik – finished

finally, after several months intensiv work, this new album is ready for a release. But first fRa-film will do videos for all the tracks, so a good guess is for a release this fall. this will be the first album from ConnyOlivetti since the formation of the group wHaTiF? late 2005. Time goes by.

new album by ConnyOlivetti

new album by ConnyOlivetti

to be released some time during 2009

track list so far

1. the Falcon Dagger (6,00)
2. moToR sKiLLs (5,37)
3. moToRik (6,10)
4. Düsseldorf / Slumbers in / Forst (8,26)
5. InterGalaCtiC sPaCe (7,42)
a/take off
c/hyper space
6. Dancing On Ice (5,44)

vox on d/weightless – Linnea

three tracks for preview/listening

moToR SkiLLz


DaNcInG oN iCe

videos – so far video for DaNcInG oN iCe

This video doesn’t exist

moToRik – original test video

This video doesn’t exist

the cover / click to enlarge!

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