Curiosa by Conny Olivetti

It’s been little more than a year since Olivettis album “Curiosa” was released on Jamendo.

Listens 17666
Downloads 879
Reviews 4
and some very nice reviews indeed.

from user R. Monroe
Electro intemporelle curieusement délicieuse et bizzzzzarre!!!
Mon dieu que de talent ! Beaucoup de choses “jamais entendues” et “innovantes” dans tous ces arragements.

from user Ivan 1984
Two in one
This album presents itself as a legacy to film but also as a decent, relatively easy on the ear, collection of electronic music. Several of the tracks were very likeable, but no one in particular, because they all had a little something at the very least.

from user KEDEVINX
agreablement curieux
super etrange flach sur “DRY ROT”

from user susanrom
Great Album
I really liked and enjoyed your tracks. Favorite: beat cool. Keep the good work! Kind regards, Susan

and yes, we enjoy some bragging 😉

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