MoTorik / 2008 /  dont know how many versions we done, but hopefully this is the final one  😉 edit/080504, new version on line as of today. the final one, me promise  😉



test of new improved encoding of longer videos / 080502

really good, but still some minor pixelation in some areas…not as good as Vimeo, though!

This video doesn’t exist


2 Responses to “MoTorik”

  1. Hi Fra,
    Just want to let you know that we have improved video quality for videos longer than 3 minutes. You can try upload long videos again and see the results.

  2. Hi Hailin
    great work, really good, and a big improvement if you compare with the quality you had before. But there is still some minor pixelation in the dark areas of the image, not so much, but it does bother me, though. Almost as good as Vimeo.

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